From stop flower clock
(behind the historic town hall)



9:30 - 17:50

all 20 minutes

  • Last drive up to the castle 17:50
  • Last return from the castle 18:10


10:30 - 17:05

all 40 minutes

  • Last drive up to the castle 16:30
  • Last return from the castle 17:05

Let the

adventure begin!

The highlights are the medieval town hall and the castle high above the city. After visiting the old town with the town hall, you can easily reach the castle by train. While driving, you will receive information about the history and the cityscape. On the Schlossberg you will find a wonderful view and several opportunities to stop at restaurants and cafés. The Museum Schloss Wernigerode shows in 40 showrooms the living culture of the German aristocracy, period furniture and arts and crafts of the last centuries, originally furnished rooms of the princely family with the magnificent ballroom and changing special exhibitions.

Town Hall

The late Gothic building was first mentioned in 1277 as Spelhus. Noteworthy are the figure carvings under the roof and on the ground floor, depicting secular and ecclesiastical figures as well as carnival races. The east side was adorned with Knaggenfiguren, which represent typical occupations of the city.


The castle is one of the most beautiful buildings in Germany. The first castle was there in the 12th century. About 120 m above the roofs of the old town Wernigerode rises the castle. It is a landmark that first makes the visitor acquainted with the flair of the colorful city.